The Ridley Group & Associates2, LLC formally The Ridley Group & Associates, LLC, founded in 1996, by Walter B. Ridley, a former Warden, Corrections Director (Adult and Juvenile), Parole Board Chair and Church Administrator, The Ridley Group & Associates, LLC (TRGA2) is a seasoned, vigorous, small business management, consulting and training company.

The Ridley Group & Associates2, LLC is a collective association comprised of diverse and uniquely qualified industry professionals, researchers and analysts from across the country. With more than 40 years of combined experience in criminal justice and corrections, TRGA2 is dedicated to fostering outstanding service delivery to our client’s present and future, short-term and long-term project needs.

TRGA2 staff include experts in compliance, administration, assessment, analysis and consultation. Our collected experiences allow us to customize our expertise to meet the client’s exact needs. It is our goal to deliver cost-effective, quality services designed to provide the latest solutions in the criminal justice, corrections, education and mental/behavioral health communities.

The Ridley Group & Associates2, LLC stands apart from other small, minority companies through our vast experiences in strategic planning, program management, training, human resource development and the strong belief in accountability, integrity, collaboration, innovation and excellence. TRGA2 understands the value and importance of operational effectiveness and is committed to working with our clients to analyze, develop and implement programs designed for success.